Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Love Moschino Pre-Collection A/W 2011-2012

I just discovered the hidden gem that is the Love Moschino Pre-Collection A/W
The stand-out piece for me, are the printed jeans. In fact, what I like most about this collection is the repeated use of this rich, silky print. It adds a pop of colour underneath the Autumn-y khaki tones and clashes so well with the plaid prints and the stripes. The print is not completely identical- there are several subtle variations of it in jean, blazer, skirt, top, handbag and scarf form. But they are all absolutely delicious.
Apart from the silky print, which most of the pictures here include, there is also a heavy 70's vibe to the collection, with lots of fringing, patchwork denim, browns and beiges. Again, its the luxurious pattern to the material that makes it so desirable- the striped fringed jacket in the final picture is amazing.
The final part of the collection loses the 'county girl' feeling that you can see in the first half. Instead, it has a heavy lace influence, suggesting lace tights, not opaques, will be our best friends come Autumn. 
Overall, it's a beautiful collection, and the most striking part is the different textures and materials used, particularly the expensive-looking vintage silk print.

 Check out the amazing printed dresses on their online store (I've not shown them here, but they are to die for). And if you're lucky enough to be loaded, the Moschino online store currently has a 50% sale!


  1. Such a gorgeous collection, love the prints - that dog coat is adorable!

  2. really liking the printed jackets!

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

    I love this post! The collection looks gorgeous!

    XO, Laura

  4. I love so many of the jackets! So many of them remind me of english horse riding jackets. Or "hunt coats" for those who know what I am talking about :) Following!

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  5. the stripe jeans are my favorite!


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  6. I like the way they mixed up prints and stripes - wild!

    I'm following you - stop by and visit if you like? :-)



  7. love every single piece, maybe not together because I think the pants are a little too much! but yeah, I won't be bothered if I had to use them :P


  8. In jacket heaven looking at that last pic, perfection! x


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