Sunday, 19 June 2011

Yellow Nails

Usually, having yellow nails is a sign of a nasty smoking habit, but that was way back BC (Before Chanel). This summer, forget the french manicures- bright yellow nails are a necessity, and its all because of this one nail polish-

The Chanel Le Vernis in Mimosa, released last year, was madly anticipated all around the world- it sold out literally within minutes of going on sale. And being limited edition (and $25), its unlikely that I'll ever get my hands on any. (Or any on my hands..) So, I looked out for some similar colours, which wasn't hard as thanks to Mimosa, yellow nail varnish is now everywhere, including the fingertips of some fellow Chanel-worshipping celebrities. Katy Perry, who is known for her love of unusual nail art, started the craze with a blue and yellow clash at the MTV Movie Awards. Then, Lady Gaga went yellow at the Grammy's, D&G and Marc Jacobs' A/W catwalk models went yellow and the hardcore nail-lovers among us went mad.

Unfortunately, as with all worthwhile fashion fads, yellow nail polish is difficult to get right. It definitely looks better on darker or tanned skin. I'm personally really pale (milk-bottle) and so the colour wasn't as shocking on me as I'd have liked. Application should be careful- it can look streaky, so I'd recommend a third coat. Also, watch out for the cheap ones- some polishes can leave nails stained. Finally, make sure your shade is as bright as possible- this is probably the one and only trend where neon is acceptable. When done properly, its the perfect summery look.

Citrus-tipped celebrities:

Katy Perry
Gwen Stefani
AnnaLynne McCord
Let me know what you think about yellow nails and if you've tried out this trend!


  1. I love Chanel's creamy, egg yolky color, but I can't justify spending 25$ dollars on nail polish... :/ I'm waiting for the beauty blogger to discover some cheap dupes.

  2. I love yellow polish, I feel happy when I look at my fingers and its bright and sunny.

    Nice blog, btw.

    Much love, m.


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