Monday, 29 August 2011

burgundy, baby

Up until recently, my favourite colour was turquoise. But being of unbelievably pale colouring, I've had to more or less avoid my favourite colour unless I wanted to look like a washed-up mermaid (this situation unfortunately never arose).  But then I discovered burgundy, previously only (or so I thought) the colour of my granny's carpets. This Autumn though, its turned out to be the hue du jour- it suits all skintones, virtually goes with anything and perfectly complements the rest of the Autumnal tones (teal, mustard, burnt orange etc).

These are the most brand new of burgundy beauties from the high street. I want them all. 

Structured Sleeveless Skater dress in Claret,  from Topshop, £46

Combined Messenger bag, from Zara,  £69.99

Tie-Dye Skinny jean by MOTO at Topshop, £40

Burgundy lace cardigan, from Miss Selfridge, £28

Blazer, from River Island, £45

Belted Peg trousers in Claret, from Dorothy Perkins, £29.50

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Shoes that Creep me out

Sorry again for the delay in posting. It's been a hectic month and despite my phonebill running over by £40, it would seem I am still the most unorganised person in the world. But I still managed to find time to be completely and utterly repulsed by a pair of shoes while out shopping this week (everyone has time for Topshop).

You've most likely already seen them before, and maybe you even own a pair- if you do, I don't mean to offend you in this post, but you probably have clown feet.

  Introducing: the brothel creepers.

Black Suede Brothel Creepers from Topshop, £85

These are shoes which have the potential to be cute and quirky but have been ruined by an extra mile of sole added to the bottom. Basically.

They encapsulate the 'new' rockabilly/teddy boy trend which was started on the runway by Prada and on the high street by Topshop. But really stems from the 1950's, when everyone was a lot cooler and more revolutionary than we are now.

They aren't exactly very flattering, for your feet suddenly look 5 times larger than they are and (in my case anyway) you slightly resemble Herman Munster (google him).

However, if monster-punk is your thing then Topshop, of course, have a great selection of the creeper-style shoes, with a mixture of different prints and colours. Nevertheless I still think that the versatility of these shoes is just not universal, they are isolated in their own style because they wouldn't exactly work with everything in your wardrobe. Buying a pair would take serious consideration, kind of like getting a puppy or a mortgage.. maybe.

Dalmation Print Brothel Creepers by Underground at Topshop, £105

KARMA Red Suede Lace-up Brothel Creepers from Topshop, £55

I'm really passionate about shoes and fashion and I hate to be negative because I love trying out new things myself, as obviously, its one of the defining characteristics of a true fashion lover. But the brothel creepers are personally not for me. They kind of.. well, creep me out. What do you think about the brothel creepers? Am I mad and they're actually really cool? Or are they the new Marmite shoe?

Friday, 12 August 2011

Christian Louboutin's 'Rollerboy' (or why I wish I was male)

Christian Louboutin is something of a God amongst women. His immediately recognisable blood-red soles have made his shoes iconic, and every woman worth her fashion salt has a pair on her wish-list (or her feet, if she's lucky). 

But Louboutin has achieved something that not many other footwear designers have. He has successfully managed to cater for both men and women to impeccable standards, with no compromising on quality. His designs for both sexes are notably unique, and always pioneering. In short, he makes your dream shoes regardless of your gender. 

It's very common for me to lust over a pair of shoes that I have no hope of ever owning. I spend the majority of my day-to-day life doing just that with clothes, shoes and accessories. But for the first time, I've been transfixed on the menswear collections. And its all because of Louboutin. 

Introducing the Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spikes, a.k.a- the reason I wish I was male. 

The Rollerboy is a classic slip-on style, mostly favoured by gentlemen and, well, the elderly. But this is the Lady Gaga of the slip-on shoe. It is unique, it demands authority and is the kind of shoe I envision on someone like Chuck Bass. (I choose to believe there is a real Chuck Bass out there somewhere).

The spikes are the exclusive Rollerboy trademark. They look dangerous and powerful- basically, if bad boys were a shoe, they would be the Rollerboy Spike.

This is the latest design, the Tartan Rollerboy Spike, available for purchase from September 16th, with a side of edgy punk.

However, the Rollerboy comes in a delicious variety of flavours. If tartan is not your thing, perhaps you would prefer them in a casual, laid-back velvet? Or an eye-catching glittery material?  (available in both glistening gold and discoball silver).

Maybe your favourite fabric is denim? Or leopard print with a hint of red? Perhaps you'd rather a more classic material like suede or leather?  Louboutin has a style to suit all.  In fact, I can't even make up my mind which kind is my favourite. It's probably just as well I'm not a man, or my overdraft would take a serious battering.
Glittery Rollerboy

Leopard Print Rollerboy

Classic beige suede Rollerboy
Denim Rollerboy

One of the first and most important things I look for in a man is his taste in footwear. Call me shallow, but you can tell a lot about him by what he wears on his feet. If I ever have the pleasure of meeting a man in Rollerboys, I won't leave his side until he marries me. Probs.

Available to buy here.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Amy Winehouse's secret collaborations with Fred Perry to be released

The tragic fate of Amy Winehouse has shaken the entire world but it seems that her untimely, unfortunate death will effect even the fashion world. Of course, there have been a number of consequences as a result of her passing- most significantly, that her father is now campaigning for rehabilitation services to be more widely available for addicts, a campaign which is sorely needed in a time and society like ours.

But in other (lesser) news, broken by Vogue today, never-seen-before collections she designed for legendary fashion house Fred Perry are to be released soon, with the Winehouse family's blessing.

Amy was always an avid Fred Perry fan, wearing it on most occasions she was photographed by the press. The fact that most pictures of her repping the iconic label come from before her collaborations with the brand shows how truly passionate she was about fashion.

We all remember Amy's previous collaboration with Fred Perry- released October 2010 (shown below). For the first time, the label was suddenly desirable to females who weren't tennis players or lesbians. Amy's designs screamed Fifties sex-siren, nipped in waists, playful textures like houndstooth and plaid, all served up with a side of cleavage and trademark beehive.

But apparently, this was not the only collection Amy worked on. Reports have revealed that there are another two seasons worth of designs stored away in secret. Amy in fact worked with Fred Perry on designs up until Autumn 2012. So we may now expect another exciting 2 seasons worth- probably Spring and Autumn 2012- of modish, Fifties-inspired pieces that will most likely be invaluable to those who love fashion. 

Designs from Amy's first collection
The profits from both of the new ranges, and all of Amy's royalties from them, will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity that is being set up in her honour by her family. Her father, Mitch Winehouse, is keen to help "children and young people in her name" through the foundation. Vogue also reported that Fred Perry will make a seasonal donation to the charity, cementing forever, Amy's love affair with the brand. 

So, expect a sudden clamour over the fate of the polo shirt. It seems to me that it's time will come soon.

You can still buy pieces from Amy's first collection here.

Monday, 1 August 2011

The Best Ad Campaigns- Autumn/Winter 2011

Following on from my earlier post about some of the most amazing Spring/Summer ad campaigns, here is a selection of what I think are the best of Autumn/Winter. This is the fashion world giving you a sample of what you'll be wearing next season- and as usual, they have raised the bar on fashion advertising.

Starring: Natalia Vodianova, Naomi Campbell, Kirsten McMenamy
Shot by: Mert & Marcus

As usual, Givenchy breaks out of traditional advertising styles and aims to shock. The latest campaign features a host of the world's finest supermodels growling at us, as though trying to protect their precious Givenchy accessories. (To be fair, so would I if I owned any). The positioning of the models and the shadowing in particular make the whole campaign seem threatening and eerie. And brilliant.

Kurt Geiger
Starring: Anja Rubik
Shot by: ?

The Kurt Geiger A/W campaign was shot on location in London and this is the reason why it works so well. The laid-back attitude suits Kurt Geiger, whose shoes are everywhere from the High Street to the feet of celebrities. Instead of trying too hard, the products- the amazing leopard print shoes and brown knapsack bag- are able to shine in all their simple glory. Also, all the clashing textures between the luxurious fur coat and the grey pavement only emphasise the relaxed KG style.

Starring: Raquel Zimmermann and Karen Elson
Shot by: Steven Meisel

The Lanvin campaign totally nails this season's vibe. The colours used are so typically Autumnal- mustards, pale pinks, deep reds and corals. The setting for the ads are so glamourous, as are the models, who look very similar- a successful fashion advertising technique. The power stances of the models make it dynamic and their expressions say don't they know it! A powerful, glamourous campaign with some incredible dresses and beautiful accessories.

Marc By Marc Jacobs
Starring: Elle Fanning
Shot by: Juergen Teller

If you live on Planet Earth (or Planet Fashion anyway), you'll know about this campaign. Marc Jacobs kickstarted the child star trend that has currently spread to almost every corner of our culture by commissioning the little flower that is Elle Fanning (younger sister of Dakota, obv). She looks way older than she actually is- which is 13- but it is still a great campaign, but mostly because of the clothes. The grown-up yet playful dresses, shirts and coats are mostly natural tones paired together or well-matched brights, with red being a common theme. 

Starring: Izbel Goulart, Anne V and Aline Weber
Shot by: Inez van Lambsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

DKNY's  campaign brings us the glamourous Sex and The City lifestyle of city fashionistas. The ever-present yellow cab in the background adds to the metropolitan effect and the models are long hair and long legs in abundance. The colours are particularly impressive, with the clashing of the red jeans, leopard print shoes and yellow cab. Yet it still screams of A/W with the presence of fur and boots. A compelling campaign to those who live in the city.

Starring: Kelly Mittendorf and Antonia Wesseloh
Shot by: Steven Meisel

Prada are taking colour-blocking to a new level this season. Probably the most colourful campaign of the lot, we are seeing a clash of colours and textures like never before. Green snakeskin paired with coral fish scales, furry helmets and 70's style boots suddenly sound desirable. The campaign has a 50's kind of vibe to it with the cut of the dresses. Also, print is everywhere, but instead of the usual, and traditionally more popular, leopard print, Prada are showing us the allure of the snakeskin. However this season, prints are to be paired with unusual textures- think leather or velour. Definitely a favourite.

Starring: Freja Beha Erichsen
Shot by: Karl Lagerfeld
Styled by: Carine Roitfeld

My favourite fashion house, Chanel, very nearly reached my top spot for A/W ad campaigns and it was solely because of the unusual setting for these shots. The vintage-looking photobooth is original and inventive- everything we come to expect from Chanel of course. The models are glamourous and sexy, yet normal looking- almost the kind of people you would expect to see in a photobooth. 

And my ultimate favourite Autumn/Winter 2011 campaign is:
Christian Louboutin
Shot by: Peter Lippmann

 Surpassing the public's expectations and the almighty Chanel, is Christian Louboutin and these amazingly creative ads inspired by some of the world's most magnificent artwork. The paintings are all recognisable classics, yet Louboutin has made them accessible to everyone with an amusing and modern touch by adding in this season's must-have shoes. The incredible parallel likeness between the real portraits and the shots here makes it so impressive, and obviously a lot of hard work was put into this campaign. The reason I like it so much is because it's so much different from your usual ad campaign- its not just pretty girls in nice clothes- it's intelligent, admirable and it really makes you think. I like that as well as being aesthetically pleasing, the shots are also mentally satisfying and you can learn something from them, because I believe fashion is so much more than just pretty things and keeping on trend. It's so much more- it's a learning process, an education, a cultural composition and a way of life.

The historic artworks which inspired the shots are:
Marie-Guilleme Benoit's "Portrait d'une Negresse"
Jean Baptiste-Camille Corot's "Portrait of a Girl"
Georges de la Tour's "Magdalene and the Flame"
Francois Clouet's "Elizabeth of Austria"
Jean-Marc Nattier's "Marquise d'Antin"
Francisco de Zurbaran's "Saint Dorothy"
James McNeil Whistler's "Whistler's Mother" (photograph not shown here)

Why I Love Love

(If anyone actually still reads this, I'm sorry for being so absent on my little blog. I really am having quite a busy summer being ridiculously irresponsible and  unorganised. Hopefully, order will resume this month).

Love Magazine is officially my most favourite publication ever. It is only published twice a year so each issue is bigger and better than the last (the latest has a staggering 432 pages) and each issue almost always erupts in a storm of controversy. The last carried the now legendary photograph of Kate Moss and transexual model Lea T mid-snog. (You can still see it here on their website). 

The latest issue, number 6, has a slew of covers which have been steadily unveiled throughout the week.
These are the three best ones (in my opinion) which happen to star the hugely in-vogue child stars Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld. Designers everywhere are practically fighting over the young ones lately and for good reason, as their covers show. All three of them look sophisticatedly bohemian and mature beyond their years yet are tinged with a sort of romantic sadness. In fact, in every shot- cover and beyond- the models are crying, although you have to look really carefully to notice.

The reasoning behind this is that it's the magazine's 'Super Natural' issue and the cover theme is continued throughout with Daphne Groenveld, Kristen McMenamy, Lara Stone, Mariacarla Boscono and Nyasha Matenhodze all looking suitably troubled whilst wearing fancy headgear.

The magazine, published by Condé Nast (who are also responsible for many of the worlds most famous fashion publications- Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour etc), sets out to be more "edgy and experimental" than other fashion magazines, according to an article in The Guardian in 2008. 

Judging by the risqué photographs inside this issue, all shot by Mert & Marcus, they are definitely sticking to that promise and, luckily for us, continuing their controversial heritage- these portraits will be more than iconic in a few weeks time.